16 September 2022 – More than 130 organisations – european and country of origin of migrants – are joining together to organise a March to Brussels under the call Rights! No Deaths! They are demanding the enforcement of international human rights law at the borders and administrative regularisation of people living and working in Europe.   

More than 50,000 people have lost their lives since 1993. European borders are causing death as a result of the migration policies pursued by the European Union and European governments. The absence of legal and safe channels, the externalisation of border agreements and the progressive militarisation of borders are causing casualties. The recent death of a young sub-Saharan woman shot by the Moroccan gendarmerie as she was preparing to travel by boat to the Canary Islands from the beach of Akhfennir in Tarfaya, and the at least 37 people who died crushed and suffocated just two months ago at the Melilla fence due to the violence with which they were repressed, are dramatic examples of this.

The lack of institutional protection and the lack of a framework that addresses the transnational dimension leads to violations of essential rights that affect human dignity, the post-mortem rights of those who have died and the right to know the truth that protects the families. This inaction and opacity is a form of punishment or torture of families and dehumanisation of people who decide, or have no choice, but to undertake a migration process.

At the same time, people who manage to cross these borders work and live for many years without papers, without rights. Their irregular status means they are condemned to labour exploitation, invisibility in the eyes of the institutions, lack of legal protection and exclusion from public services such as education and healthcare. 

In addition, the European Union also shares responsibility for forced displacement. Trade and investment treaties with the governments of origin, the manufacture and trade of arms and the deregulation of extractivist and neo-colonial practices of transnational companies cause thousands of people to be expelled from their way of life and their communities of origin.

Faced with this situation of destruction of human rights, they have called for an action on Saturday 1 October at 15:00 in Luxembourg Square in Brussels, in front of the European Parliament, to call on European institutions and governments to take concrete measures to guarantee the human rights of migrants.

During the weekend in Brussels, a delegation will meet with a group of MEPs to present their demands. 

The programme of actions includes a meeting with associations and groups of undocumented migrants and support for migrants in Belgium who last year held a hunger strike to demand regularisation.

Finally, in coordination with the mobilisation of the March to Brussels, the Peoples’ Summit will be held as a space for exchange between different movements and organisations committed to the rights of exiles, with the aim of collectively building concrete proposals for advocacy and mobilisation on a transnational level.